Internet has Became Alternative to Television

It is no doubt that television is exposed to power and economic policies. Therefore television programs, news programs, series etc, are usually censored or self censored. In this instance, public opinion is shaped according to the policy or they are informed incorret or incomplete. For example the ban of broadcating to Reyhanlı explosion. For that reason people have followed that new story from internet. Because internet is less exposed censorship.
Therefore we can easily say that internet become alternative to television. Althoug being television is a mainstream media tool and today people prefer use internet in stead of television, by internet, they can watch several television channels
In fact, thanks to internet, we have more chance to watch more movies. Before internet, there was only television and most of people did not have a chance to go to cinema regulary to watch movies. Therefore people had to wait to broadcat on television. On the other hand thanks to internet people can follow series and tv program seven they do not watch television. They can do it through internet.
In conclusion, with internet, people started not to be limited with television. Because internet present to new way to people to follow agenda so it has became alternative to television.