Social networks, tools for revolution

Social networks, tools for revolution

Connecting people on the Internet are increasingly used in social and political purposes. Social networks have proven to be suitable for organizing protests. The sudden popularity of social networks are not only changed the way in which we communicate, but has changed the way of spreading the news. Social networks have become new medium through which to disseminate information, gather supporters, and start a revolution. It’s getting easier to spread ideals, to encourage people to change, but also to spread negative propaganda.

Social networks are becoming increasingly easier enabler of social responsibility and irresponsibility. Social networks can be used to promote awareness of those around us, highlighting the problems of society and as a means of solving these problems, but also can be used to spread negativity and crime.

The 2009 and 2010 year, during a protest against the rigging of the presidential elections in Iran, social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter) and other online media are used as sometimes the only available channels to inform the outside world about the events in Iran. World also has Moldova’s twitter revolution in 2009. After that, we have big role of social media in Arab spring revolution. Thanks to the twitter, facebook, and youtube several dictatorial regime are destroyed.

Social networks should be viewed primarily as a new and truly excellent tool of social mobilization and activism, not as inherently capable to contribute to the necessary and desired positive social change. So, the internet and online tools (social networking sites, forums, wikis, etc.). Proved to be invaluable as a tool and a means of communication and organization of social movements, protests and activism in general.

Here  you can find 10 tactics of info-activism, with tools and tips for you to plan your own campaign.

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Social networks like Twitter and Facebook are means of which information can be sent faster and more efficiently than with “traditional” journalism. If you use them in the best possible way, you can make fast revolution, real revolution, and most important it can be success, and you can make ‘spring’  in your country.  TV station Al Jazeera has filmed education campaign about using social networks. Here you can find more about that