Social movements and power of new technologies

Week 8

Social movements and power of new technologies

The power of new technologies in the creation of political and social movements is known from recent history. Arab Spring and the Occupy movement are real examples. To understand the role of new technologies, ie. social networks in the creation of contemporary politics should emphasize that their importance does not lie in the technology itself, but in its role in the creation of new sources of power. New technologies not only allow everyone to access to information and ideas, they are opened access for all, access to a wide audience. So now everyone is able to tell his story, to find people who share the same values, and trough association the right to acquire the power. The possibility of associating restored the faith that people can change things.

How to harness new technologies and create social and political as well as consumer and cultural movements 21 century must surely know the team behind the platform Purpose. By working in new fields of political participation and social engagement that allow new technologies Purpose invents ways that realize the power of people as citizens, consumers, and cultural factors, ie. dealing with businesses social movements. By bringing together large numbers of people, both on-line and “on the ground” through their movements Purpose affect actual policy, but also enables the implementation of changes in the behavior of citizens, which is necessary to achieve changes, that policy will not make itself. Purpose is hide behind some of the most important political movements online. The powerful voice of the people from around the world on issues such as climate change, human rights and global politics transmitted which currently has members in 190 countries and operates in thirteen languages. Recent initiativesĀ  of Purpose deals with the specific problem of LGBTQ people.

Fighting for a world in which everyone can live freely and be accepted as is, All Out gives equal attention to political and cultural activity, changing both the law and the way in which society perceives diversity. Interestingly is that this movement in the first few months of its existence has raised over a million members in 190 countries.

Future of political action is certainly in new technologies. But also keep in mind that a couple of clicks does not make a difference. The biggest change we made to the social network is, that a small man, associated to the community, no longer feels helpless before the institutions. We hope this is the beginning of the world according to our measure.


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