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E-Democracy in Turkey

To start with I want to define what democracy is according to people of a society. Many people support democracy because of a variety of reasons. For some, democracy is a way of protecting the interests of individuals or some groups. For others, democracy is a way to achieve the common good for the society. Some other perspectives towards democracy says that democracy is the best way to decide how to manage a community.

What e-democracy means is; using computer Networks in the management, doing the democratic activities via the computer Networks, using Internet or e-mails in order to participate. Thus, the citizens can defend themselves and can react to some phenomena by using these information and communication technologies.

In order to be successful e-democracy system must perform two important objectives:

1-      To provide access to the informational and political processes, services and short-cuts to the citizens.

2-      Make the passive citizens to get involved in this system by informing and representing the citizen, encouraging them to vote, to provide a counseling service for them, to create a unity and make them to be active in this system.

In order to make e-democracy work appropriately, the technological infrastructure, the regulations and the level of political socialization should be sufficient. In addition to this, in the transition process of the e-democracy, the e-culture should also be prevalent.

In the transition process to e-democracy in Turkey we have some basic problems like; e-culture, political socialization, the lack of legislation, the insufficiency of technological infrastructure and the lack of experts in this area. In Turkey the information technology is being used in business procedures or the citizens use it for playing games or following the magazine etc. Giving feedback on the issues that concern the citizens or follow them through the information technologies has not been common yet in Turkey.  As a society we have a personality that obeys and accepts an authority. We do not have an interrogative, investigator and participatory soul.

The e-democracy project website in Turkey:


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