“Israel Loves Iran” Campaign

The conflict between Iran and Israel causes black clouds on Middle East region. All over the World, the tension between these two states, Iran and Israel, is wellknown. However, “Isreal-Loves-Iran” Movement in Facebook was a good example of people who are eager to create communication with eachother in this crisis environment.  Movement startted with Ronny Edry, citizen from Israel, postted a photo on Facebook holding his daughter and an Israeli flag saying “Iranians, we will never bomb your country, we love you ” on 12/03/2012. In few hours, many people from Israel shared the same message in their profiles with their own pictures.  In 24 hours Iranians startted to send same massages back : “Isrealians, we love you too”. This huge wave grew day by day and gave a kick off to the establishment of “Peace Factory”. The motto was simple but clear ” They advertise war. We will advertise peace.”


We can categorize the slogan of “Israel Loves Iran” as cultural and political jamming.  There is political aspect of this conlict issue as well as its social aspect. Just like with the more classic  ‘corporate’ cultural jams, civil society actors also increasingly use cultural jamming techniques in their political communication and politically orientted campaigns. (Bailey, Cammaerts & Carpentier,2008) In the beginning of the “Israel Loves Iran” Campaign, it was more relatted to social aspects of the issue. We can see this by looking at the projects they worked on. Projects like “Iranians in Tel Aviv”, “Peace-Product of the Year” , “Shana Tova/ Happy New Year”, “Send a Heart” and “Coffee with You”  are basicly focusing on increasing the social awareness in both societies by mentionning better communcation and creating peaceful communication environment between two communities. Project about the political aspect came afterwards. “Vote Peace” ,”Stop War”, “War! What War?”, “Not Ready to Die in Your War” and “M12-Peace Day” projects aim to show Isrealian’s reactions about the government’s policies.


The policies that both governments foster is not supportted by certain amount of people from both communities. This campaign helped them to show their dissents by jamming the so-called verity, Israel hates Iran and turned it to a slogan. It can be a good example to take attention of a lot of people and create a certain awareness. However, it can not be effecient unless there is a physical communication not just a virtual one. Until, they make new projects in order to build the physical interaction among the citizens of two states, the campaign will not go forwards.



Bailey, O. G., Cammaerts, B. and Carpentier, N. (2008) Understanding Alternative Media. Berkshire: Open University Press