Radio can be considered as one of the most powerful and easiest way of alternative media, because make a radio station is something “easy” to do,you don´t need a big area to do it, and it is easy to hide in the case that is forbidden to communicate the information that you want to broadcast, on the other way, we can find  a radio player almost everywhere in the world, so this information is going to arrive to all the levels of the population.

In the article that i have read, they say that the community radio is the perfect alternative media to develop the rural areas, and that it has been using during the years in most part of South America.

There are two nongovernmental associations  called (AMARC) and (ALER) that are taking care of the democratization of the media, trying to make legal all the community radios, and fighting for the free expression, even during the dictators. The other purpose of this associations  is literates people in rural areas.