3, 2, 1 Record!

Television is an important medium for combining both visual and auditory components. This makes a TV product more interesting and maybe more striking than any other media. In fact, not only TV but also cinema and other types of videos which are available on the internet can be included into this classification.

It is easier to express ideas and emotions since video/film consist on both visual and auditory elements. In this aspect, this medium can be considered as an effective alternative media tool. As Fountain points out “Enabling more people to become active producers has always been one of the primary goals of many alternative media activists.” With some technological developments in film industry, more people found a chance to shoot a movie/video. At the early stages of film industry, equipments were rather expensive and hard to carry with. Developing technologies made these equipments available for any use of manner. By this way, today, anyone can easily shoot a video. However, making film/movie is not the only problem. Another important aspect of this field is distribution. A film or a video could not get much attention without being distributed to people. Thanks to the internet there are many channels available for users to share their work with other people. Many can shoot and share their video through YouTube and other video based websites.

Also mobile phones help people to shoot and share video with others. For example, if someone come across with something strange or interesting that might catch others’ attention, s/he can record it and share in just few seconds. Developing technologies permit individuals to be active producers of video and film sector. In addition, social media platforms let their users be the producer and the consumer at the same time.

In conclusion, film and video have a strong connection with the technology. Surely, not only equipment side but also distribution aspect of movie making has gone further with technological developments. Now, people carry their equipment just in their pocket and share their shootings easily.


– Fountain, A. (2007). Alternative film, video and television 1965-2005. NY: Routledge.

2 thoughts on “3, 2, 1 Record!”

  1. I am completely agree with you, and it makes me think the efficiency of Television as a alternative media without internet.
    It looks so difficult now in my eyes how to distribute a video without Internet, almost impossible, but in Spain during the dictator Franco when internet was not available the people were meeting on the churches to distribute and watch videos against Franco and talking good about democracy,also there the people can see the movies that all europe were seeing and in Spain was censored.
    It was taking a risk for the people that were going to watch this movies to the church but it was the safest place ¿who is going to enter in a church?.
    In my opinion now is easier make alternative media with the new technologies, but we shouldn’t forget how we have arrived to this.

  2. I also agree with Emircan buth there is one thing that I want to mention. Of course technology has helped us to reach videos and films easily but at the same time it has turned out to be a disadvantage for the film producers. with the developing technology almost everybody has mobile phones with cameras and can easily shoot videos and that has increased the amount of piratical editions. a man goes to the movies and record it with his/her telephone, record a copy on a cd and make copies out of it. and this suits many people’s purpose as it much cheaper than the original dvds of movies. there is another option as well, they can also broadcast the videos that they shoot by going to cinemas on internet. there are some websites that broadcast these piratical editions of the movies. of course their quality is not the same as the original dvds but many people can prefer these cds or internet videos instead of the original dvds as they are cheaper or free to watch if they do not care their quality. that’s an issue shich is related to people’s conscience actually, they should think that lots of people work while the movies were being shoot, produced and distributed and they make money out of it so people should have respect for people’s labor.

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