Underground media aims to show alternative way. Because it reflects some spesific ideology. So we can say that there is freedom of speech in underground media. However it is important to think about this question: “Alternative to what?” In my opinion it is alternative to current, general stuation in the world. For example; Feminist ideology is a alternative to patriarchal system in the world. Or communist ideology is an alternative of capitalist system. Therefore these ideologies has been reflected through underground media.
When we think about Turkey, we can see a lot of exaples of underground press. Some newspapers such as, Cumhuriyet, Zaman, Taraf, Sözcü etc…All of these reflects one spesific ideolojy. For example, Cumhuriyet newspaper is a Left-wing newspaper. So that reason it criticise AKP’s policies.
Not only press but also there is a lot of examples from television channels about underground media. Such as Samanyolu TV, Kanal 7, Ulusal TV or Cem TV. All these can be examples of it. Let’s think about Cem TV. This Channel represents Alevis in Turkey. On the other hand it has Kemalist ideology and reflects that. Ulusal TV is also reflects Kemalist ideology. However when we look at Samanyolu and Kanal 7,we can see both has relegious ideology. Especially Kanal 7 broadcasts some relegious programs.
In conclusion; Turkey has a lot of examples of underground media. Because when we think about the structure of Turkey, we can see a lot of different ideologies; there are rightist, leftist, kurds, alevis, jewish, feminist, etc… It keeps a lot of ideologies so it is no doubt that must be represented through media organs.