Diversifying the Media

One of the best thing about Alternative Media is, it is not racist, not political, not corporate base, not nationalistic etc. and at the same time it is. There is absolute uncertanity about the Alternative Media’s background as it is not directing by any kind of dominant actor.This condition help us to observe the daily life not only with the help of traditional media but with multi-dimensional news source.

Alternative Media is also can be seen as little earthquakes as they prevent the bigger earthquake to happen. Alternative Media helps marginalized identities(gays,lesbians, women,youth,handicup people etc.) and minorities to express their needs and expectations as well as their perpectives for current issues. These groups have almost no representation in legislation levels in order to adress their needs and solve their problems. As a result, with the help of critical media they can predicate themselves in public arenas. One should add here that there can be and are situations in society, where the consciousness of the dominated class is manipulated and one only finds a weakly developed multitude. In such situations, critical media that express the experiences of these masses, although they are not politically conscious of their being, are still necessary and will take on different organizational forms from situations of heavy class struggles or revolutions.(Fuchs)

In some extend dominant actors are using alternative media in order to implement their interests and get feedback from their target communities.However, they do not have full control to direct it. On the contrary, we are aware of the link between Agenda-Setting Media/Elite Media and major powers like political,business,doctoral managers and journalists. Maybe this is one of the reason why people start chucking out their televisions and stop watching it.