The End is Important.

Be alternative in the life means be different to the normal attitude, can be because the normal attitude is being lead for the people who have the money or the power, and if you are not inside of this little crew, it is difficult to give your opinion to the world, because of this it is important the creativity at the time to find a new media, a alternative media.
This people that are trying to find this kind of media, are people against the normal situation, and how is the world nowadays, and the easy way to connect thru the new technologies, we can see appear a lot of new alternative media.
Now people from around the world are in touch, and they share a lot of complaints, and it means that no only a few persons from a city are thinking something different, it means that the minorities are bigger than they imagined.

But we will see if it worth, if this new technologies, and alternative medias at the end can change the world, and make it more fair, or the people with the money it is going to be always managing the governments.

Culture Jamming

Culture jamming is known as anti-consumerist social movements. Adusters is one of the important examples of it. Adbusters is defined as not-for-profit, anti-consumerist and pro enviornment. Some people characterise that as anti-capitalist. It has launched several international campaign such as, buy nothing day, Tv Turnoff week, Occupy Wall Street…
Culture jamming is seen as cultural, political and commercial symbols. It is no doubt that commercial is the best known form of culture jamming. Because that is seen as anti-consumerist social movement. In fact it is a form of activism and against the hegemony of popular culture. there are also political forms of culture jamming.


For instance this picture is an example of political forms of culture jamming. There is an aim of creating awareness against war.
In conclusion, cultre jamming seen on billboards, bus-ads, posters… we can see signs, symbols or advertisements on facebook, twitter or on a street. These can be an example of culture jamming to create a social awareness.

Underground Press


Underground press is the independently published and distributed underground papers. It’s a system of clandestine printing and distribution of dissident or banned literature. The underground papers are published by independent insiders and they report on the lifestyle changes and attitudes in a much more radical and authentic manner. They are interested in the counterculture and they try to define the image and identity of this culture. Actually the underground press does not say what you thought but it expresses what you feel.

The history

After the 1960s social movements emerged and the young culture began to interest in social actions, the mainstream media lost its power and began to be ignored by the people. Thus, people who wanted to learn what was happening in Vietnam or in USA politics, or who wanted to learn about the protests or rallies, or who wanted to read and learn about underground music and movies leaned to alternative press. For a decade underground press had a highly important place in the 1960s counterculture because it was the only virtual monopoly on stories and perspectives. According to McMillan’s thesis; “underground press helped to build the counterculture idea, the rise of the anti-war activism and the new left”.

Some Examples:

–          A bi-weekly newspaper published in Canada. The Underground Press.

–          A satirical humor magazine in UK. Oz.

–          An underground newspaper in UK. International times.

–          Underground newsppaer in US. Avatar.


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Do we trust in Wikipedia?

Wikipedia as we know is a important source of information, which is different of all of the others, because everybody can add information in an individually way.
But is it good?  as we can see at the university, most of the times is not a valid source of information, so we don´t trust in what is written there..
It is good that is a common knowledge which is share around the world, but when you don´t know exactly the source is not very trustable.
Sometimes we could read there events that still didn´t happen as some murders in USA, where the killer writes before do nothing what he wanna do.
So here is the problem, in the place where everybody can write and give information, and different points of view, sometimes are not well used, and when are well used as we don´t know exactly the source we don´t trust neither, however i am sure that it is used much more times than it is said.
The projects of common knowledge in my opinion should be always trustable, and it happens when you know exactly the sources.

15 M Social Movement/ Social Media.

Social movements and social change structures emerged historically as a result of social crises and because there are different ideological orientations.
Emerge as ways of organizing all kinds of groups and social classes (from the elites to the marginalized), sometimes identified with a political field more or less concrete, and sometimes so classless and multiparty.
Some examples of these are the feminist movement, the environmental movement, the worker, the pacifist and anti-militarist, anti-globalization and the most recent in its emergence in Spain, 15 M movement.
Lorenz von Stein (1846) states that: “a social movement is an aspiration for social sectors (classes) to achieve influence over the state, due to inequalities in the economy., For example, the aspiration of the proletariat to gain representation in the government systems “.
In Spain the first case of cyber social movement was produced after the attacks in Madrid on March 11, 2004, where thousands of young people were invited through SMS to protest against the information policy of the “Partido Popular”
These snapshots effective mobilization through SMS  constitute a new means of social organization, where people thanks to the potential of the mobile phone and the computer system is gathered, reported and summon their spontaneous demonstrations.
The use and popularity of social networks has generated and generates changes in countless areas in the life of the Spanish government opponents. They have also provided active citizen participation and civic organization socializing messages on Twitter.

Social Movement 15 M

With the advent of Web 2.0 and the birth with the role of social networks was the right time to create a revolution through the various potentials that gave them the network of networks to their users.
Social networks have had some role in the organization, integration of new members, disclosure, and calls for social protests. This virtual network has not been more than an effective communication channel to reach other people in the world, and make them part of their stated causes.
This interactive media, where the receiver is no longer a passive actor in the communication process and becomes an active agent, which through a simple text message can help change the world around him, it has become a powerful weapon in the struggle for “The Indignados” around the world .

Social movements and Activisim

Activist aim is  world , social, political, environtemal interest and how the world can change. They show their protestos often collectivly. We see it Annonymus example. These group get common on the internet and thy interest a situation which is going on wrong and especially they interst with economic problems. And tehy active on the Arab Spring. They get collective and announced the what is going on on the internet. In there we can talk Habermas publis sphere. peole common on the one platform and can critises about a problem. And they are protestos. We can say alternative media is bored activism  and with these way people find a new platform which can be freely critises.

Social Media, Citizen Journalist.

Of all the latest news that you have read or heard, how many came from print media and how many from social media? We can not deny that this is a changing reality, and that more and more people are always carrying a smartphone, a tablet and are permanently connected, it makes the news arrive before we reach them through traditional media.

For example the death of Whitney Houston’s and Osama bin Laden or the confirmation of the  spanish royal wedding have been before in the social media than in the traditional news. But, like everything, has its pros and cons. ? Compensates, for example, having the compressed information into 140 characters?.

Now a normal citizen with a smartphone is a journalist, and in my opinion it makes two big things, the first one as i said before it makes the information arrive so quick, and the second one is that we have more information about something, so we are closer to the truth.

Social Movements and Alternative Media


First of I would like to mention why alternative media plays an important role in social movments. It plays a significant role because alternative media is different from tradational media; while tradational media is one-way communication, alternative media presents opportunities to communicate people, share to people their ideas. Not only between people also between activists and organizations, people communicate and informed.
It is no doubt that social movements can be announced easier and faster through internet. Developing of social media, people can easily organize and arrange the movments. . thanks to Alternative media, people, activist and organiztions could find opportunity tor ise their voices. If they were limited with mainstream media, they could not have it. So that reason, we can say that alternative media helps to expand and spread social movements. Because unlike mainstream media, Alternative media does not only report, it also gives opportunities to people to be organized.
In conclusion, we can easily say that Alternative Media create a new form of public sphere. Because Alternative media constituted a democratic space to people. Unlike Alternative Media, mainstream media has some limitations in terms of democracy, such as, censorship, or governments policies. On the other hand mainstream media does not give much opportunities to people for participation. However thanks to Alternative Media, people can participate policies, agenda, or social problems. They can discuss these issues through internet and organize.

Online Revolution

Online revoltions today thanks to the Internet. With internet developments social sites became active and world can contact easy and speedly. We see online revolutions succes in Arab Spring. And internet play major role in that time.

If we tcompare mainstream media and internet, we must talk about free speech and can free from resistance. Mainstream media make manipulate people nd make news from side of the government. Arab Spring lshow to us attackt to the goverment but with social media that people tell uys their aim and goals. In Tahrir people get common with social media. Facebook, tiwiteer , wikileaks etc, play important role. They contact with these platform and announce of the people what was happening. People can be find different opnion about whats going on. In that time it is the first time we see alternative nmkedia power. And differences from mainstream media. Today we live dinternet age and people can be find a way of support their ideas. Like annonymous is an example. They get collective on the internet and they can be resistance . It is important development on the media.

Public Ground of Interaction

Public Access Television first emerged in Canada and spread to the USA during the 1960s until the 2000s. It is a free speech program, where random people get to talk about different topic of their interest, these can be about healthcare, relationships, life lessons, as well as religion, social events, economic concerns, new trends, useful beauty tips, cooking and lifestyle. The public access television can be seen as a forum where everyone interacts with everyone on a live basis, and where a great number of people get to share their opinions with the public. This can also be done through forums on the internet or though the radio. These can be considered as forms of communication, however, being seen on television, while participating in live discussions and having the chance to talk in front of a live audience, surely is a different experience which requires self-confidence.
An example can be Manchester Public Access Television in Connecticut. This channel still runs nowadays. It provides equipment and training for users to create and produce their own shows: You produce it, we air it! It is a great chance for creative expression and opportunity to educate, inform and entertain friends and neighbors. It is also an opportunity and alternative for people to express themselves and tie the bonds with each other. This project will help people get to know each other, reinforce the communication, create a warm and safe ground for all, as well as share opinions and interests.