Mass Culture and Hollywood Society

Mass culture and Cultural Industries; as we talked and know very well was analyzed by Adorno and Horkheimer in their “The Culture Industry: Enlightment as Mass Deception” article.
 We can find different kinds of examples in this topic to reflect Cultural Industries but in this post, I want to underline movies and Hollywood Industry, especially American cultural impacts.

According to one estimate,in American society three fourths of the population go to a movie theater every week. As we can see, movies have great impact power on the American society.

As a society, in Hollywood, there are well known studios named Paramount, 20th Century Fox, MGM and other. These studios own their own production facilities, run their own worldwide distribution networks. Therefore they control theater chains to commit to show their companies’ products. Meanwhile, they keep under their control actors, directors and screenwriters.

After the radio age, movies started to create a new popular culture with common speech, dress, behavior and heroes in societies. Hollywood reinforces racial stereotypes by denigrating minority groups with love stories, sexual actresses and different types of clothings.

So, today every person in American society deals with Hollywood as a cultural impact and they naturally or not imitate Hollywood in their private life.

It is so real with other societies. In different countries and societies, Hollywood impacts can be seen obviously. For example; Christmas celebrations in Turkey is a totally Hollywood impacted organizations without any religion side.

According to this topic, I highly recommend these books for checking out.

1. “Hollywood Vs America:  Popular Culture and the War on Traditional Values”

2. “Fabricating the Absolute Fake”