The End is Important.

Be alternative in the life means be different to the normal attitude, can be because the normal attitude is being lead for the people who have the money or the power, and if you are not inside of this little crew, it is difficult to give your opinion to the world, because of this it is important the creativity at the time to find a new media, a alternative media.
This people that are trying to find this kind of media, are people against the normal situation, and how is the world nowadays, and the easy way to connect thru the new technologies, we can see appear a lot of new alternative media.
Now people from around the world are in touch, and they share a lot of complaints, and it means that no only a few persons from a city are thinking something different, it means that the minorities are bigger than they imagined.

But we will see if it worth, if this new technologies, and alternative medias at the end can change the world, and make it more fair, or the people with the money it is going to be always managing the governments.

Do we trust in Wikipedia?

Wikipedia as we know is a important source of information, which is different of all of the others, because everybody can add information in an individually way.
But is it good?  as we can see at the university, most of the times is not a valid source of information, so we don´t trust in what is written there..
It is good that is a common knowledge which is share around the world, but when you don´t know exactly the source is not very trustable.
Sometimes we could read there events that still didn´t happen as some murders in USA, where the killer writes before do nothing what he wanna do.
So here is the problem, in the place where everybody can write and give information, and different points of view, sometimes are not well used, and when are well used as we don´t know exactly the source we don´t trust neither, however i am sure that it is used much more times than it is said.
The projects of common knowledge in my opinion should be always trustable, and it happens when you know exactly the sources.

15 M Social Movement/ Social Media.

Social movements and social change structures emerged historically as a result of social crises and because there are different ideological orientations.
Emerge as ways of organizing all kinds of groups and social classes (from the elites to the marginalized), sometimes identified with a political field more or less concrete, and sometimes so classless and multiparty.
Some examples of these are the feminist movement, the environmental movement, the worker, the pacifist and anti-militarist, anti-globalization and the most recent in its emergence in Spain, 15 M movement.
Lorenz von Stein (1846) states that: “a social movement is an aspiration for social sectors (classes) to achieve influence over the state, due to inequalities in the economy., For example, the aspiration of the proletariat to gain representation in the government systems “.
In Spain the first case of cyber social movement was produced after the attacks in Madrid on March 11, 2004, where thousands of young people were invited through SMS to protest against the information policy of the “Partido Popular”
These snapshots effective mobilization through SMS  constitute a new means of social organization, where people thanks to the potential of the mobile phone and the computer system is gathered, reported and summon their spontaneous demonstrations.
The use and popularity of social networks has generated and generates changes in countless areas in the life of the Spanish government opponents. They have also provided active citizen participation and civic organization socializing messages on Twitter.

Social Movement 15 M

With the advent of Web 2.0 and the birth with the role of social networks was the right time to create a revolution through the various potentials that gave them the network of networks to their users.
Social networks have had some role in the organization, integration of new members, disclosure, and calls for social protests. This virtual network has not been more than an effective communication channel to reach other people in the world, and make them part of their stated causes.
This interactive media, where the receiver is no longer a passive actor in the communication process and becomes an active agent, which through a simple text message can help change the world around him, it has become a powerful weapon in the struggle for “The Indignados” around the world .

Social Media, Citizen Journalist.

Of all the latest news that you have read or heard, how many came from print media and how many from social media? We can not deny that this is a changing reality, and that more and more people are always carrying a smartphone, a tablet and are permanently connected, it makes the news arrive before we reach them through traditional media.

For example the death of Whitney Houston’s and Osama bin Laden or the confirmation of the  spanish royal wedding have been before in the social media than in the traditional news. But, like everything, has its pros and cons. ? Compensates, for example, having the compressed information into 140 characters?.

Now a normal citizen with a smartphone is a journalist, and in my opinion it makes two big things, the first one as i said before it makes the information arrive so quick, and the second one is that we have more information about something, so we are closer to the truth.

Brands also are using Alternative Media

When we talk about street marketing, we are talking about this marketing that is trying to copy the techniques of graffit, or any street art that we can imagine.
It happens because their target group probably are this kind of people that are following this Alternative Media, because of this, the normal media are not a correct channel to launch their publicity.
Banksy is one of the most famous graffiti drawers of the world, and always we can listen that he has a lot of offers to work with some famous brands, but of course he has declined all this offers, since in his opinion the alternative media is a way of expression of ideas, not a medium to sell nothing.
Also as we can imagine, advertising is always trying to find the most alternative way to reach us, and then they really can make  a surprise.
In my opinion, the street Marketing is a copy or an alliance  with the street art, with the objective to reach the people in a different way, and reach this people that are not following the mass media, using this technique is a way to try to find differentiation, and we can see clearly how this alternative media is so effective that the highest brands in the world are trying to imitate it.



The Beginning

The alternative media has been increasing since the development of new technologies, especially the Internet, but this communication has been always in the history since the beginning of civilizations where we could find dominant systems. The alternative community is originated in the minds of individuals inspired by reality, propose an outsider perspectives of power, which is usually more critical than spread by the controlled traditional media. This is how it is displayed, that alternative communication is a result of alternative social process, which differs in form, function and content to the social process proposed by the dominant system, usually guided by the relationship of government and traditional media. The great success of the alternative media is born from the vision of the individuals persons, those who in their daily existence are partakers of social reality.
Thus alternative communication is defined as non-authoritarian that arises from the need to communicate the reality of social life. But When is that individuals, societies and communication scholars are aware of their use and existence? Alternative communication seems inherent to the development and evolution of human beings in society, however, is to the twentieth century, in the early sixties given the rise of alternative media in the world. The Sixties are times of ideological and structural changes around the globe and the social and political context is the shore individuals to generate new forms of communication: the alternation and participation.

Internet Revolution

Social movements such as the environmental movement, the human rights or nationalist movements have been making use of Internet as a communication channel to promote relations both among its members and to encourage protest actions. I want here highlight the positive side of the Internet as a resource in the hands of movements which, by its democratic and widely participatory, connected with the aspirations of most humans, but this does not preclude recognizing the “dark side” of the Internet, and that the network can also be used by fundamentalist movements that preach intolerance or totalitarian political groups.
The peculiar characteristics of the Internet favor the use of the network by the effect sociales.In movements, Internet communication is bidirectional, which means a model of man as active versus passive man model (reader, listener or viewer ) promoted by the mass media and often by psychology (man as passive recipient of a stimulus to which responding). The actor model, which grants it the starring role, with initiative and control over your life, is consistent with the social actors involved in collective movements and direct their action, consciously and deliberately, toward its goals.

Internet communication is horizontal, from user to user, and contrasts with the vertical communication hierarchical of some institutions. The alternative non-institutional communication and makes it particularly suitable for use by large numbers of people without access to official media and trying to express opinions and interests opposed to those of the dominant groups.


Radio can be considered as one of the most powerful and easiest way of alternative media, because make a radio station is something “easy” to do,you don´t need a big area to do it, and it is easy to hide in the case that is forbidden to communicate the information that you want to broadcast, on the other way, we can find  a radio player almost everywhere in the world, so this information is going to arrive to all the levels of the population.

In the article that i have read, they say that the community radio is the perfect alternative media to develop the rural areas, and that it has been using during the years in most part of South America.

There are two nongovernmental associations  called (AMARC) and (ALER) that are taking care of the democratization of the media, trying to make legal all the community radios, and fighting for the free expression, even during the dictators. The other purpose of this associations  is literates people in rural areas.



Alternative Media, Alternative Weapon

Thinking about Alternative Media, and making a research about it, each second I am more sure that should be called Alternative Weapon, because in my opinion, Alternative Media are all the creative media that are created in order to fight against the agenda setting, are this media where you can find the voice of the minority.
One of the best things of Alternative Media, is that always have to be creative, and show us the development of the communications, and how can you say what you want even if you are the only person that think this, and probably you find more people with your thoughts in the world, breaking like this the Spiral of Silence.