Social movements and Activisim

Activist aim is  world , social, political, environtemal interest and how the world can change. They show their protestos often collectivly. We see it Annonymus example. These group get common on the internet and thy interest a situation which is going on wrong and especially they interst with economic problems. And tehy active on the Arab Spring. They get collective and announced the what is going on on the internet. In there we can talk Habermas publis sphere. peole common on the one platform and can critises about a problem. And they are protestos. We can say alternative media is bored activism  and with these way people find a new platform which can be freely critises.

Online Revolution

Online revoltions today thanks to the Internet. With internet developments social sites became active and world can contact easy and speedly. We see online revolutions succes in Arab Spring. And internet play major role in that time.

If we tcompare mainstream media and internet, we must talk about free speech and can free from resistance. Mainstream media make manipulate people nd make news from side of the government. Arab Spring lshow to us attackt to the goverment but with social media that people tell uys their aim and goals. In Tahrir people get common with social media. Facebook, tiwiteer , wikileaks etc, play important role. They contact with these platform and announce of the people what was happening. People can be find different opnion about whats going on. In that time it is the first time we see alternative nmkedia power. And differences from mainstream media. Today we live dinternet age and people can be find a way of support their ideas. Like annonymous is an example. They get collective on the internet and they can be resistance . It is important development on the media.

Citizen Journalism

When we look at the mainstream media we faced  controlling and undepended media. They are controlled by financial sectors and media owners filtered some news. If they want to publih we can see it but if do not want to the publish we watch manipulating news. We see it Arap Spring and Israil situation. Media owners give news according to the their political views and their political interest. And they are controlled by governments and filtered. But with new technology , born alternative way. Nowadays people can get connect easily and freely. A case when it did very short time we heart it with social media. Like facebook,tweteer, youtube. It is borned citizen journalism. Everyone can make own news and can share easily. We see example of it in Arabian Spring. People share news and pictures, videos in Tahrir . So it is opposit of the mainstream media. And last example of Reyhanlı. Goverment is filtered but people share real  news on the Internet. Some newspapers and online media start citizen journalism. You take photo and write about case and sent this site. At the same time your news publish the public.

Culture jamming

When we defined as culture jamming, “is a tactic used by many anti consumerit social movements to disrupt or subvert media culture and its mainstream  cultural institutions, including corporate advertising”. (wikipedia) Using on bilboards, posters and others . Their aim are avoke behavioral change and political action. An example of cultural jamming work use very known ads MCDONALDS . In there their aims peoples eating habbits. In example of cultural jamming works ‘ Buy nothing day’. In that they they are going to shops but they are not buy anything.  They want to create some awarnesses. Some critises of the cultural jammers ; confused with articstic appropation and act of vandalism . In Turkey we see it against to the politics. Like vote times and nowadays we faced with these against the AKP. Expecially Tayyip Erdoğan.

Community Radio

Radio has been important role on the communication tools. Today it do not prefer as much as at the past. But it does not lost its important. Because it is cheap and get easy . So that we still use radio. With television , radio lost their important but it does not lost. When we talk the radio broadcasting, we diveded it three categorises. Public service broadcatsing, private- commercial broadcasting and community bradcasting. Public-service broadcasting controllled by authourity. Second one controlled by individual and they getting money fromm advertising. Third one is controoled by small community. Community broadcasting aims serve the broadcast benefit of the people . Community radio defined as a “ “community” has been defined as a group of interacting people living in a common location”. (Wikipedia) They are non-profit . We can give example local radio. In there we can heart local news and problems . And they make advertising . When we listen the local radio  we can take information about our city. We can see it on University, companies,etc.

Underground Media

Undergrand Press

When we talk about the undergarnd press we can talk about free speech, free and do not limited to the writes. It is opposite of the mainstream media because mainstream media use ffor manipulation by media owners. But undergrand press against of the it and in there we can see reality about the world. They are free because they are not belong to the financial budget. And most of them built by volunteers. Their aim are free speech and protects rights, etc. Their aims show to people alternative way. It is aginst an other ideology. Like Bianet is an example of mainstream media. And like haberfabrikası. Their aim be voice of the different ethnic groups and critises the system. They try to give real news and comment about system.

Haber fabrikası was founded by volunteers and their aim be voice of the ethnic groups. I choose these site beacuse they represent their ideologies and they give objective views.

In my opinion these groups can show their ideologies and can be easily contact with other who are the near of them ideologies. In mainstream media we can not see openly ideologies. They are belongs to the system and do not critises freely. But in underground media we can see it.

Alternative media

Alternative Media
What is alternative media? When we talk non-profit and free of the financial source we can talk about alternative media. If we look at the mainstream media we faced with financial sector and undepended media. They are not free of the speak and they are not be realistic. Because they are belonging financial source. When look at the alternative media, we can see different voice. What are differences? Mainstream interest are financial support . And their survive. But alternative media interest with society and the false of the system.
With new technological development open easy access to the alternative media. We can take news easil and very limited time. Internet technology bring us easy way. We can say in there Global village which is the theory of Marshall Macluhan. The world get small and everyone can easy acces to information in their home. Yes, in that time we live this situation and alternative media example of the this situation.