What does we get from Network Society?

Our societies are shifting rapidly from industrial to informational, so in today’s world, Network Society is gained biggest importance at all. According to Global Network Society theory, people do not have any cultural shock any more. They know everything they need to know. They have Facebook to find relationship, Google to ask questions, Twitter to follow people they do not know, MySpace to share their talents, LinkedIn to find job and etc.
In Network Society, it is not all about you but it is all about your data. What do you like to watch, eat, visit or like that. This video which I want to share with you is about positive sides of Network Society. Please click here to watch. 

On the other hand, in Network Society besides its positive effects, there is a dark side of it. Especially about privacy section. People’s private data are recorded by these social network sites, then they are used both for marketing studies and by other followers. Also, isolation from the real society is another big problem in Network Society. Please click here to watch the video about dark sides. And about privacy side, please click here to watch the video.

In 2010, The Social Network movie was released which is the movie about the establishment of Facebook. It is realy reflective movie about its rising. You can watch the trailer from here, and watch small study result on Obsession About Facebook from this link as well. .


Media Imperialism and American Way of Life

In week 12, we talked about Cultural Imperialism and media imperialism differences. As we mentioned, Cultural Imperialism is broader than Media Imperialism in its context. In this post I want to examine some visual examples to enlighten these concepts.
 Fast foods and beverage brands are highly obvious examples about Cultural Imperialism. Brands like McDonals, Coca-Cola and Starbucks can be analyzed with their commercials. When we look at their commercials in different countries, we can all see that they bring “American Way of Living” to other nations and traditions. All commercials imitate this living culture and Cultural Imperialism of United States of America complete its mission. In this video, different commercials with country’s name shows us this example openly. Please click here to watch. 

Therefore, Disney can be served as an another example which creates Cultural Imperialism through its cartoon characters among children in different countries in the world. In this video, there several examples which are really interesting about listening these mentioned cartoons’ soundtracks. With or without conscious, children are effected from these point of views. These are like subliminal messages but also they give a sense of how to think about the West and the Rest, for example; Arabs as barbars. Please click here to watch. 

On the other hand, as we discussed in the class, Media Imperialism has two different sides. Positive and negative. Nations’ attractions with media can have various results. In positive aspect; we can give women rights example. American way of living and women reflection created more powerful images in other country’s media as well. We can not refuse this reality. Women have started to act like these Hollywood powerful and sexy women, and they have created activist revolutions to become like them. Both in America and other countries, this side of the Media Imperialism gained supporters. There is a really explanatory video and images. Please click here to watch.  

As we said, Media Imperalism has two sides. One of them is negative. In negative aspect; main current media channels like BBC or CNN reflect only American side of some realities like Iraq War.  They show images or news from one side and dominate people’s minds with the idea that the war is fundamental to make Iraq more civilized. But, there are two sides of coin and this video reflects how Media Imperalism can change some realities and push other countries in wrong manner. Please click here to watch. 







Modernity connection with The West and The Rest

Modernity process has been occuring in east side countries with the domination from west countries. “The West and The Rest” term is a well known description in this problem through years.

 Mostly, as we have mentioned,  media play a great role to create these similar worlds between different countries. I want to give an example which is about a photo taken by National Geographic reporter in Afghanistan years ago. We all know about this young girl natural photo. Years later same reporter went to Afghanistan and found same woman, but suprisingly she did not never ever see this photo or cover before. She had hard life and has never been interact with media. In Turkey, we all know this photo. So in the end, we get the idea that there are still reagons which are never interact with media as us. They live in their small world with several suffers.

Another side of the problem is, effected countries from the West. I can give an example again from television serials and reality shows which Turkey always imitate and implement these ideas and visuals. People in Turkey act like American actors, juries and competitors. People who view these shows feels like them. We are all motivated by American culture and entertainment culture without question.
These are two well designed books about this topic which i want to recommend.

1. Civilization: The West and The Rest: http://www.guardianbookshop.co.uk/BerteShopWeb/viewProduct.do?ISBN=9781846142734

2. The Media and Modernity: A Social Theory of the Media : http://www.amazon.com/Media-Modernity-Social-Theory/dp/0804726795 

Sex and The City as a Cultural Product

In week 10, we talked about Cultural Products and some trends which producers turn artistic products to cultural products with economic revenues.

Sex and The City itself is a very fundamental example in this topic due to its process of being cultural product. Firstly, it has published Grand Central and written by Candace Bushnell who writes column for New York Observer. It was New York Times bestseller and then HBO decided to create the book’s television comedy drama series. Broadcasted from 1998 until 2004. During its six-year run, various producers, writers and directors worked for the show.

Because of its huge viewers throughout the world, Hollywood decided to make the show’s first movie in 2008 “Sex and The City” and than its sequel “Sex and The City 2” in 2010.

In the end, as we look at the all process, journalistic documents are became book, than television show was appeared and two Hollywood movies are made. So, artistic product became cultural product and most American women, also worlwide women imitated Sex and The City as a holy bible.

Different sociology departments conducted several studies about the show and its effects. Million dollors public relation and advertising campaigns were conducted and economic income was huge from this artistic show as a product.

There is a important video which is prepared by Emory University Sociology Department about Sex and The City. Please click here. 

Mass Culture and Hollywood Society

Mass culture and Cultural Industries; as we talked and know very well was analyzed by Adorno and Horkheimer in their “The Culture Industry: Enlightment as Mass Deception” article.
 We can find different kinds of examples in this topic to reflect Cultural Industries but in this post, I want to underline movies and Hollywood Industry, especially American cultural impacts.

According to one estimate,in American society three fourths of the population go to a movie theater every week. As we can see, movies have great impact power on the American society.

As a society, in Hollywood, there are well known studios named Paramount, 20th Century Fox, MGM and other. These studios own their own production facilities, run their own worldwide distribution networks. Therefore they control theater chains to commit to show their companies’ products. Meanwhile, they keep under their control actors, directors and screenwriters.

After the radio age, movies started to create a new popular culture with common speech, dress, behavior and heroes in societies. Hollywood reinforces racial stereotypes by denigrating minority groups with love stories, sexual actresses and different types of clothings.

So, today every person in American society deals with Hollywood as a cultural impact and they naturally or not imitate Hollywood in their private life.

It is so real with other societies. In different countries and societies, Hollywood impacts can be seen obviously. For example; Christmas celebrations in Turkey is a totally Hollywood impacted organizations without any religion side.

According to this topic, I highly recommend these books for checking out.

1. “Hollywood Vs America:  Popular Culture and the War on Traditional Values”

2. “Fabricating the Absolute Fake”

Deep Focus on “Global Village”

As we discussed, in today’s world,  message and medium changed and medium directly became a message. All movies, books and media channels have different roles but in common they serve for one reason then create our “global village”. No matter if you are Japanese or American, Arabic or Turkish, you all get in common with one point of medium. For example, I watch Bertolucci’s movie then another person in China watch this movie either. If we have a chance to meet together, we can have a discuss about the movie easily. So, in today’s world we do not have one medium and we can reach whereever we want.  The internet is the most important medium in 20th century in this sense.

According to the McLuhan, who is the inventer of the term “Global Village”, the man of this century is highly different from the past’s. Because of the options of reaching everywhere, men and the world’s improvement is changed naturally.

There are fundamental interviews which were conducted with McLuhan by CBS and another channels. I find them truely functional to understand the term in focus.

For watching the interview with McLuhan, please click here. 

This is a video which focuses on “The medium is the message”, please click here. 


On the other hand, Mad Men which is one of the important serials about advertisement and media institutions, has an episode about “The medium is the message”, for watching please click here.

Moreover, the internet we mentioned above, is the most important medium in today’s world, and becoming global village issue gets rises with the internet. But most governments try to avoid from this situation with cencorship. This is the video which focuses on this point. Please click here. 









The Media’s Effect on Children and Teens

As we discussed in our last class, the media have several impacts on society and mostly on defenceless ones of the society; children. This is really controversial issue in every single country, especially in America. Nowadays, in Turkey, this issue is taken under consideration; if media affect on children/teens and how this effect occured?

In deeply research, there are different levels of the media’a effect on children, so there are different levels of consequences.  There are several debates around this topic and the television is the most common guilty medium in this issue. A study by the Mediascope Institute found that many children by age six have spent more time watching TV than time they will spend talking to their fathers in their entire lifetime.

Nithin Coca who wrote in editorial argueing says that “Studies have shown that the effect of violence in the media on children can be small, leading to more violent behavior in maybe 15% of children. But other studies have shown that this effect can be greater when children are “raised by the media”. It is hard to say whether a certain child will become more violent or aggressive due to the media, and I believe that other factors contribute to violence in children, such as problems at home, the influence of peers, or lack of a positive source of morals. But as a society we need to make sure that there are options for children in the media so that they do not have to exposed to so much mature content, and I believe that currently the protections in place are terribly inadequate.” (click for the full argument )

According to me, I agree with him and his ideas about preventing children from these deep subliminal messages. For supportive and more visual describing of these effects such as violence, sexual content, obesity and subliminal stimuli you can watch several videos.

Firstly; please click here to watch detailed and academical conducted video about the media’s effect on children.

Secondly; please click here and here to watch videos about media violance.

On the other hand, teens are real fregile part of this content. Because some effects are nonrecoverable such as pregnancy.
Here are some videos about media effects on teens and general society. Click here and here.

Also, this is really good advertisement from Australia called “Children See, Children Do“.

How we understand the “Opinion Leader”?

In today’s world, firstly in communication, opinion leaders have fundamental importance. Believe or not, we usually get under influence by them, or refuse them without conscious. There too many studies about our listening attitudes toward “Opinion Leaders”. Briefly, we can consider some of them as a reference to understand this concept. 


One of them is the Washington Post‘s study named “Opinion Leaders: Circle of Influence.” In this study, it examines Opinion Leaders  as the filters of ideas and information. Also, it supports that “Each industry, issue, interest and ideology has its own opinion leaders. They are change agents and active media users. Opinion leaders engage with the media where their ideas are spread to the wider world of those who care about the industry, issue, interest or ideology.” You can reach the full study by clicking here.


Another study can be found by The Yale School of Management named “Do we listen to Opinion Leaders”. In this study, it examines and explains some researchs and empirical testing of Opinion Leader concept. Briefly; this study analyse the research in the summer of 2001 that the toymaker Hasbro launced a new handheld videogame called P-O-X. As part of the introduction of the game, Hasbro hired a marketing firm to create a vireal word-of-mouth campaign. Marketers used surveys to find the coolest kids in Chicago and then seeking to harness their influence. They gave those kids samples of the game to hand out to their friends. The campaign was a success. Because the cool kids love P-O-X and withing a few weeks Hasbro had sold one million units. You can reach the full study by clicking here.

Lastly, there is a basic video about how we should understand the the term of “Opinion Leader” in communication context. The video recorded by The University of Baltimore and Towson University Business Administration School. To watch the video, please click here.

Cybernetics and Communication Theory

As we mentioned in our last lesson, circular communication model derived by American scholars which is based on Nobert Wiener’s work which is the origin of cybernetics.

In this article, I want to share some detailed informations about Nobert Wiener, cybernetics and  a formalization of the notion of feedback. Nobert Wiener was American mathematician who studied in MTI. Today lots of scholars in different kinds of science are walking on his path way. You can watch an interesting video about Nobert Wiener and fundamental perspective of cybernetics which subjected in MTI. Please click here to watch the video.

On the other hand, linear communication model of Shannon is the key component of communication. For understanding the feedback and noise movements we can basicly found our answers from this video which is simply explain communication theory. Please click here to watch the video

By these core components we can figure out how communication theory began and what are the systems in theory.


Propaganda Movies In Nazi Germany

When we look at the history, obviously can see that propaganda was used efficiently in Nazi Germany. In 1933, the time that Hitler came into power, he was very well aware of the value of the good propaganda. From this point of view, he established ministry and appointed Joseph Goebbels as a Minister of Propaganda and National Enlightenment. (you can watch the video about him; click)


As we discussed before, propaganda is a kind of art of persuasion. Persuading people with “your story” as it is the correct one. In Nazi Germany, this persuasion used for giving the idea that Nazi military and political view are too good to be challenged. With this direction, Goebbel held two main concern in his charge; Firstly, to ensure nobody in Germany could read or see anything that was hostile or damaging to the Nazi Party. Secondly, to ensure that the views of the Nazis were put across in the most persuasive manner possible.

He worked with different kinds of people and organizations to be succeed. For example; Goebbel had work with the SS and Gestapo and also Albert Speer. Also he Goebbel set up the Reich Chamber of Commerce in 1933. This organisation concerned about literature,music, art, film, radio, newspaper and so on. To produce anything you had to be the member of the Reich Chamber. The acception credentials were decided by The Nazi Party. Disobedience was punished. As a result of this policy, Nazi Germany could only read, see and hear what the Nazis wanted you to read, see and hear. As a big example, in 1933, Goebbel started the first book burning episodes which mean books that did not match the Nazi ideal was burnt in public.

The same attitude was used with film industry. All films were decided to be on the certain issues; the Jews, the greatness of Hitler, the way of life for true Nazi, during the World War II in Eastern Europe how Germans were badly treated by other Europeans. According to this idea, Leni Riefenstahl who is a young film producer, she made “Triumph of Will”. (you can see the movie; click)


It is considered one of the greatest of propaganda films despite its contents. In cinema everything was in control. There are few movies that we concern about propaganda:


“Hitlerjunge Quex” was made in 1933. This film told the story of a boy brought up in a communist family in Germany who broke away from this background, joined the Hitler Youth and was murdered by the Communists in Germany for doing so. (you can see the movie; click)

“The EternalJew” was a film that vilified the Jews – comparing the Jews in Europe to a hoard of rats, spreading disease etc. (you can see the movie; click)

Also, mostly comedy movies was selected by Goebbel to give Nazi Germany a “light” sense of thinking.