The Agenda Setter in “The Citizen Kane”

Media effect the culture, the stock of knowledge, the norms and values of society and this indirect effect of mass media is related with the dominant group’s ideology. This group create own opinion and they can spread it easily with a tools of media. when we want to see this concept in a clearly way, we can watch the film which is called ” Citizen Kane”. The main character of this film that is the millionaire newspaper tycoon Charles Kane Foster like agenda setter. He has a newspaper and he is writing everything without thinking true or not.Thus, according to him the powerty links with the createnes of puplic opinion.

Propaganda & Cinema

Propaganda is one of the most important tool for the media since the past, because interest groups in society has used it mostly. For example, in the 1935 Leni Rihefenstahl shooted the film which is called Triumph Des Willnes. this film is about propaganda and the significance of this film came from the using camera style according the propaganda technique. I mean that the aim of this film manipulating mass publics so this is also shows us direct means of control in the media.

The Relationship Between Feedback and Rating

when we see the content of the communication theory, feedback is the most important process, because we can measure the effectiveness of the message, and also we can easily improve or chance the bad sides of the message. For example, media uses the tool which is measurement of the audiences likes or dislikes called ratings. I mean that, rating is the significant for media sector because ıt gives lots of message from this and ıt has to be necessary to get feedback from the audiences.For that reason ratings are always nourished with the feedback of the audiences.